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Kalama and Ta Rahkshi


'Lady' Yorlonda is a Toa of Water and one of the many newcomers to the Island following the Toa's vanishing act. At first she acted like a Toa but quickly grew bored and found much more pleasure in money and political power. After raiding a few temples for their priceless artifacts as well as a caculating mind, she capulted among the ranks of a growing "Social Elite" of Business types.

Although this "Social Elite" has the Turagas' ear, they simply tolerate Yorlonda and her kind for the fact its eaiser then having them eleminated because they help keep Trade organized in some fasion.

Yorlonda deals in artifacts both arcane and historic. She sells the historic ones while keeping most of the arcane ones for herself so as to keep a few bargining chips lying around.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Nuva build Toa of Water with dark blue torso, feet and hands, light grey arms and legs. She stands taller then average standing on equal height with average male Toa. She has a red Fikou tattoo on left 'collarbone' head pointing up. Carries a Scythe as her weapon.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Elemental power over Water. Behavies much like a femme fatal. Can get upset over setbacks such as being reminded of a failed operation. Can loose her cool when her objective is within arm's reach.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Boulder (Bodyguard, Toa of Earth,)
  • Various Matoran and Toa who worship her
  • Criminal Elements
  • A faux 'Social elite' class
  • Turaga of Mata-Nui
  • Mercenaries



"Now THERE'S a Toa I'd like to run through with my blade!" -MCPO Lanora "The Merciless"

"Yorlonda? Oh now I'm glad I got pulled off leave. She shorted me on some work I did to her private cruise boat. Now I see an opportunity to collect on the rest of that debt."
"Ah told ye ye shouda' naught taken dat job! An oi was roight wern't oi? She stiff ya gud lass." -Nuraka and Yuni

"Yorlonda and I are forced to dance around each other because if ether one of us even so much as musses the others Kanohi without being provoked, we could easily create a very messy political situation as she has money and I have status." -Kalama to Lohkar on Yorlonda's place on the Island

"Oh boo-hoo! This does not help me get the Kanohi! OPEN THE DOOR!" -Yorlonda beginning to lose her cool.


  • The Turaga are aware of Yorlonda's dirty dealings but simply leave her be because its eaiser.
  • Nokama doesn't seem to like Yorlonda any more than her son does and doesn't seem to mind when he ribs her at social functions.
  • Despite her title of "Lady", Yorlonda isn't a noble of any kind.
  • She is an NPC.
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