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    May 8, 2012 by Kughii

    Wow. I'm stuck home with the flu. As someone who no longer participates in the RPG at this time, it's frustrating to realize I can't go off and rough up a few skulls with DJ. However, I think it's about time ya'll know why I have these "on and off" gaming moments. In all honesty, it's because I can get horribly, horribly distracted in fantasy. When I should be studying, I'm much more likely to be learning how to roundhouse kick with Kriigata IC. In fact, most of the times I've disappeared have been due to having poor grades or missing assignments in school while I'm in the midst of a major battle online. This sucks. Anyone else been banned from their favorite pasttime due to needing to be more focused in real life? Ah, I digress.…

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  • Kughii

    Future Plans

    May 1, 2012 by Kughii

    Alright, here's my first real blog post on the Wiki. This entry is about what I'm planning, in a sort of "Teaser" since. I also want as much input from fellow players on what they'd like to see in the future with my characters. Alright, let's DO THIS!

    I have no intention of creating an new characters. In fact, I'm debating whether or not to kill off Xern before I ever really even play him. Three characters --Kriigata, Draeverian Joskiir, and Ishi-- are more than enough to keep me busy writing complex posts and heavily involved for the amount of time I can spend on the game. However, I never limit what psuedo-PCs I use, and you'll see several fully developed pseudo-PCs in future posts, such as Lear, Sanvat, Gabel, and perhaps, yes, Xern…

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  • Kughii

    Hello everyone, this is Kughii. Welcome to the official story post for Draeverian Joskiir, where his exploits will be posted in a fully edited, book-style state from the point of DJ as the main character. Thanks to everyone who put their time and effort in RPing with DJ to create the material for these chapters! Also, please leave a comment if you have something to say. This blog post will continue to be updated as chapters are edited and revised, so please check back occasionally for more chapters.

    • Draeverian Joskiir (Kughii, aka Bandwagon Jumper)
    • Salamder (Despair)
    • Venator (V-3)
    • Kav'den (Mef Man)
    • Senegal (Emperor Whenua)
    • Kohra (Vezok's Friend)

    It. Was. Cold. Each step crunched, not the regular crunch of sand or gravel, but the compact, squishin…

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  • Kughii

    A feeling of lapse

    February 17, 2012 by Kughii

    Does anyone else experience the same feeling of dread at the possibility of logging onto BZpower to find you've missed over twenty pages and you are suddenly stuck with the heart-crashing dilemna of reading it all, or just ignoring anything and posting anyways? I used to read it all. No, really, I did for two weeks while I was making the first episodes of the dead BZPRPG podcast. Then I went insane. However, I've now gone to simply follow the development of only my characters, with the exclusion of reading certain other stories in outside areas (ie most things by Emperor Whenua), boasting a strong literary level of prestige.

    How do you fair when it comes to reading around the game?

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  • Kughii

    Band Wagon Jumper

    February 17, 2012 by Kughii

    Welcome to the new Blog for Band Wagon Jumper (aka Kughii). My blog rights ran out over on, so look forward to me using this blog to post, update, and explain things about my views on the RPG! I am not an excellent writer by any means, so I would highly appreciate any and all who leave comments here about my writing and/or grammar/syntax.

    Looking forward to the stories we'll write together!

    --Band Wagon Jumper (aka Kughii)

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