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  • Kughii
    • Nichou, Bulik
    • Kyhra, Kughii
    • Papa Podu, Bulik

    Nichou jogged back to the bazaar, looking for the the Po-Matoran kohlii player he had travelled with for the better part of two days.  The Onu-Matoran was excited about his new apprenticeship and couldn't wait to find Stannis.  But it was already dusk, so that task would have to wait until later.  After a small search, Nichou saw his friend standing by a fountain near the center of the plaza, and so he walked over to him.


    "Hey Nichou, how was your luck? I found a place," Kyhra said with a smile.  "Want to check it out?"  

    "My visit went well;  I got the apprenticeship.  And it would be great to see the place you found," The Onu-matoran replied.

    "Oh, that's fabulous!  Alright, follow me.  It's n…

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  • Kughii
    • Kyhra (Ishi Polzin), Kughii
    • Nichou, Bulik
    • Korru, Gear Director
    • Akiri Hewkii, Iron Chancellor

    Ishi was not the man in the mirror.   

    The single blue eye seared through the mirror’s reflection.  It was fearsome, the perfect weapon: no one could see the warmth beneath such cold calculation.   The smoky translucency of his kanohi kaukau only aided the lie of a frigid heart.

    “What I do for the game.”  Kyhra half expected to see the surgeon’s scars when the coat fell to the floor.  The aluminum gray colored garment lay awkwardly at his charcoal brown feet, half supported by the tiny brigadine plates sewn within.  He swallowed the growing lump in his throat, eating his fears before they could mature when he saw -- nothing.  Everything inflicted had dis…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin, Kughii
    • Ventra/Syvkii, Kughii
    • Lt. Serrac, Kughii
    • Merchant in Bazaar, Kughii
    • Singer ins Bazaar, Kughii
    • Jyatopa, Kughii
    • Poku, Kughii
    • Rongo-Rongo, Kughii
    • Onu-Matoran woman, Eyru

    ISHI BUMBLED IN THE CART, body rolling amidst richly embroidered textiles with each clattering pothole in the subterranean road.  Hundreds of feet below sharp picks struck against stone, echoing with the chiming sound of bells at harvest time.  The drilling for precious lightstone and protodermis became an ambient lull settling into a recess of unconscious acknowledgement.  He focused on the new vision laid before him in the turquoise light.  Lambent radiance tugged at the back of his mind with the same warping of a dream lost, yet never entirely forgotten.  He beh…

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  • Kughii

    I use a lot of music when writing. Usually I don't listen to music while I'm writing, but during breaks I always set the tone with different songs from all genres. This Blog post will continue to be updated with songs I've used and places they can be found.

    • "Lak Noo" (Ravi Rai Remix) -- Achanak
    • "Without Me" -- Eminem
    • "Party Shakers" -- R.I.O.

    • "Come Come" -- Culture Cry Wolf
    • "Romeo" -- Culture Cry Wolf
    • "Choke" -- All The Right Moves
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  • Kughii

    Costume TIME!

    May 9, 2012 by Kughii

    Alright! I've finally figured out what I'd LIKE to be wearing at Brickcon 2012: A Dreaverian Joskiir outfit. Yes, yes, "Bionicle costumes at a lego con? Seriously dude?" I hear you, but think deeper. Imagine, someone dressed in a human-version of their own BZPrpg character, freestyling their words as they walked around the convention and attempted to sell a game (or induct more members to tex-based RPing). I've figured out how to make Rivet already -- just cut her out of a single piece of wood with some machine tools, sand her down, do some tooling, add a stain to the blade and possibly paint, and then seal her up. The mask, however, is going to be a bit of a problem. Ugh. I have to learn how to do that. I'm thinking fun foam she…

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