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  • Kughii
    • Akiri Hewkii, Played by Lloyd: The White Wolf
    • Ishi Polzin, Played by Kughii

    Notice: the beginning of this chapter was lost in the dataclysm.  In summation: Ishi Polzin arrives in Po-Koro and finds Akiri Hewkii in the Po-Koro cemetary.  While meeting up with Hewkii, Ishi remembers the destruction of the Ta-Koro hospital, revealing the importance of the two silver engagement rings he wears on his left hand, along with the Ta-Koro widget he carries.

    LICK: Akiri Hewkii and Ishi Polzin “Jam”

    The small bottle clinked as it bumped against Hewkii's foot. He had not moved when Ishi had begun speaking. Part of him was frozen in worry that he'd been found in such a vulnerable state. Another part was trying to come up with a reply. Yet another part wanted…

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  • Kughii

    Ishi Polzin Chapter 8, Interim

    November 14, 2013 by Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin, played by Kughii
    • Nichou, played by Bulik
    • Caerus Valli, player by Eyru

    So much had happened in the past few weeks. The brass fittings for a briefcase rested in a jar below the shifting sands of Po-Wahi, the six akiri had made peace and rebuilt their trust in each other despite the looming secrets hiding in their shadows of command, and a new race of creatures had landed on the shores of Mata-Nui, their strange ways and looks spreading fierce as a blazing wildfire between koros. Ishi found the dasaka as perplexing as they were majestic, and already had begun to plan for the chance to see their native shores, rumored to be in the west as a archipelago of five islands. The world was getting bigger by the day: he would grow with it. T…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin, Kughii
    • Kiara, Vera Polzin's personal aid, Kughii
    • Lipa messenger of Ga-Koro Marine force, Lloyd: The White Wolf

    Tohu Inn, fringe of Ga-Koro


    Black ink dribbled off the edge of the desk.  Shattered glass remained embedded in the wall.  A half-finished cypher lay in the chaos, its edges sodden and lines permanently erased by the act of frustration.  Ishi’s heavy breathing echoed into the night from an open window.  His eyepatch had been taken off, but a hand covered the blue eye that forever branded him a Polzin.  


    “Curse Aralick,” Ishi spat as he reeled about the small hotel room.  He felt the chemical burns beneath his fingers, memories issuing from the pale skin.  He pounded a fist into the desk, leaving knuckle marks in the teak.…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin as Kyhra, Kughii
    • Pelagia the ferry woman, Kughii
    • Dockside Guard, Kughii
    • Unhappy traveler, Kughii
    • Lipa of the Ga-Koro Marines, Lloyd: The White Wolf

    The morning blossomed into a brilliant flower, a humid warmth settling into the region of Ga-Wahi.  Palm fronds along the shore swayed in a cool ocean wind, waves leaving damp history in the soft white sand of the beach.  Birds ascended with the wind, their calls pulling the eye upward toward a brilliant sun.  The clatter of wood and rope echoed beneath the gentle thrumming of boat engines, and Kyhra leaned over the rail of one such craft, the last of the breadsticks ejected with a dismal quiver.  He wiped his mouth on a sodden rag and let it fall, the swift current created in the wake p…

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  • Kughii
    • Kyhra, Kughii
    • Tork, Kughii
    • Fiesta, Kughii
    • Suilt, Kughii
    • Kiln, Kughii
    • Ta-Matoran radio operator, Kughii
    • Po-Toa, Kughii
    • Drunkard, Kughii
    • Ventra, Kughii


    Kyhra sat in the stands of Po-Koro stadium, his chance at a league position lost earlier before the lunch break.  He and the other rejects lingered in the stone bleachers, watching the final teams competing.  In his hand he held a silver kohlii ball. The hollow sphere barely extended past his fingertips.  Despite its feather weight, Kyhra couldn’t crush it with his strangle hold.  Kohlii balls were forged to sustain far more damage.  Kyhra gave a happy sigh as he gazed at the brand name printed on its shining surface, letters somewhat obscured by the eastern sun.  

    “Ought to bring a smile to tha…

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