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A writer and game designer, Kughii spends his days either fine tuning the mechanics of a board game, completing one of his numerous novels, or playing saxophone out the window to the chagrin of his jazz-dissing neighbors.  

Characters By Kughii[edit | edit source]

Alive[edit | edit source]

  • Ishi: Polzin, Informant, double crosser, and seeker of knowledge
  • Kaia: a trapper and adventurer

Deceased[edit | edit source]

  • Moriika: Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon and Bio-Engineer
  • Faerulo: Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Takimoc: Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Nakumiir: Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon

Inactive[edit | edit source]

  • Mita: Minstrel of The Road and member of Greased Lightning.  Passed on to Mango.
  • Gabel: Leader of a group of Kumu Islets Survivors.  Passed on to Mango.
  • The Angler: Leader of a group of Kumu Islets Survivors.  Passed on to Emmisary.
  • Draeverian Joskiir: Sound seeker and Rhyme breather.  Passon on to Voxumo.
  • Lear: of the Le-Koro Airforce.  Passed on to Canis Lycaon.
  • Ko: toa of ice.
  • Fraxn Black: Private in the Onu-Koro Ussalry and blacksmith for the guard.  Passed on to Krayzikk
  • Iraira: Captain Commander of the Ga-Koro Marines.  Passed on to KNI
  • Riaril: Healer of Maladies and Director of the Nuju-Marillion Research Hospital.  Passed on to Tyler Durden.
  • Kriigata: Assassin of Ak'rei'an.  Past on to KNI.
  • Kwaiya of the Eiyu Clan : Dashi librarian in the Towers of Knowledge, and bookbinder of ancient and sacred texts.  Passed on to... I think Void?  Not sure.
  • Daikura Koga , first son of the Daikura Clan
  • Hogo Kamari: Retainer for Toshoru Noshima of the Hogo clan.  
  • Krios: a vortixx gambler and shady con-man.  Given to Kughii by Shadowhawk.

Population Characters

  • Ventra/Syvkii, matoran agent who wears a rose broach
  • Lt. Serrac, NPC matoran Ussalry member
  • Ta-Matoran debtor, A matoran who owes Ventra money from gambling
  • Technological businessman, matoran owner of a native technology stand in Onu-Koro
  • Jyatopa, matoran owner and barkeep of an Onu-Koran rave club
  • Rongo-Rongo, twin matoran dancers at Jyatopa's club
  • Poku, matoran mercenary
  • Boozer, Matoran mercenary
  • Tork, Matoran of Iron and kohlii player
  • Fiesta, Matoran of Stone and Kohlii player
  • Suilt, Matoran of water and Kohlii player
  • Kiln, Matoran of stone and Kohlii player
  • Po-Toa at Forsi
  • Drunk at Forsi Inn
  • Manager of Tohu Inn
  • Catarix, Ko-Koro's local editor for the Mata-Nui Daily
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