The Golden Weapons are a group of eight powerful weapons sought by both the Rakal and the Maasi.


The golden weapons are intangible to most beings- the only way to wield them is to wear an accompanying mask. These masks are hidden in areas around the island. The golden weapons are almost indestructible.


  • Scythe of Kindness

Painkiller is in the blade. Anyone damaged feels no pain.

  • Blades of Loyalty:

These change shape to be the best match up with the leader of the user.

  • Axe of Dedication:

The more the user tries to use this on a target, the more damage it does to that target. They weakens if the target is changed.

  • Sword of Justice:

Causes the user's pain to be duplicated and felt by the user's opponent.

  • Sword of Faith:

If it gets knocked away, it will come back to its sheath after 20 seconds. Provided, of course, that the user believes it will.

  • Katana of Courage:

Allows the user to damage the Reaper while he is holding his weapon


The history of these weapons is mostly unknown, but somehow, the Rakal got a hold of them, and had sinister plans for them. Sovos stole them from his masters and gave them to the Maasi, telling them about their mission. 

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