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Tharros background is somewhat of a mystery. He claims to hail from the island of Detra Nui. However historians know the island to be totally desolated by Rahkshi and Exo Toa over a century ago. All the toa of Detra Nui were confirmed dead, including their Toa of fire, making Tharros' true origins questionable. Tharros showed up on Mata Nui just after the defeat of Makuta. He claims to have come as a response to a prophecy, hoping that the next great threat would arrive at the island of Mata Nui. He hoped to fight against that threat.

Appearance and Tools[]

Unlike most fire Toa of Mata Nui his primary color is a metallic dark grey, with red as his secondary color, and accents of sapphire blue. Glowing red eyes hide behind his crimson mask of Strength. He stands tall among the Toa. He only wears one layer of deep red armor, so that he can move with agility and speed. His robes are made of woven protosilk, impervious to heat. These robes are kept constantly aflame by his power, their intensity reflecting his mood and rage.

Tharros carries a Protosteel broadsword, the blade is carved in the shape of rising flames. Through this sword he channels his energy and rage. On his left arm he has dual blades strapped to his forearm. These are short and sleek, extending just past the tips of his fingers, but placed behind the wrist as to not impede the use of that hand. These blades also increase in heat as his rage grows, but they do not channel his full energies.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tharros controls the flames and heat. The air crackles and sizzles around his eyes. With a raise of his sword he can send fire leaping towards any enemies The energy he creates can light even the dentist matter aflame. He is also a strong, and skilled swordsman.

Like most fire toa, Tharros is wrathful and strong willed. Tharros longs for war and conflict. He fights against the evils that threaten the known universe. He is driven by a desire for vengeance against any who have wronged his allies, and those he cares about. He is very protective of his allies, quick to take up arms in the name of those who have been wronged. Although those around him remain cautious that should evil cease to threaten, Tharros desire for conflict will drive him to wage war on his allies. No one knows for sure.


Friends and Allies[]



  • "I am Rage!"