Sanguivox is a learned Ta-Turaga, who is very wise and patient, and was the leader of the Mangai Expedition. }}

Turaga Sanguivox

Turaga Sanguivox






Noble Calix


Lawful Good




Fire Resistance



Game Timeline Edit

Character Biography Edit

Formerly a Toa in the war against Makuta, but turned into a Turaga soon afterwards to gain wisdom and help the wounded. He used to live in the jungles of Le-Wahi, but moved back to his hometown, Ta-Koro when the Entropy Beetle Infestation occurred.

He learned rumors about a hidden evil in the Mangai, so he formed a rag-tag group of brave adventurers... and Miya... to find it. The group quickly expanded and Sanguivox handed the mantle of leadership over to the detective Loraan.

Appearance and Tools Edit

He is a heavy-armored Turaga with a red Calix, a small build, and a Firestaff.

Abilities and Traits Edit

He is very old and wise after living the Le-Wahi jungles for many years, and has a tendency to be very hospitable (almost to the point of discomfort). He has a slight resistance to fire and heat, and his Noble Calix allows him slightly more athletic ability than most Matoran.

Relationships Edit

Friends and Allies Edit

  • Allied with the Mangai Expedition, and has a stronger connection with the calm Ga-Toa Mirin, as well as Miya and Teide.

Enemies Edit

  • None as of yet.

Quotes Edit

"Hello, and welcome to Ta-Koro, the greatest Koro in Mata Nui! Don't trust this inn, it's a rip-off!"

Trivia Edit

  • His name is based off the Latin word sangui, meaning blood. His name was carried over from a short-lived Epic set in Metru Nui.
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