Mask of Healing


Lawful Good




Water (elemental power), healing (mask power)


Part-time healer


Sucogu's Parakuka-fighting group (formerly)



Riversong is a Toa of Water in the BZPRPG.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Riversong lived a quiet life in Ga-Koro, making a living as a healer and occasionally traveling to the other villages (except for Xa-Koro, which, for reasons she refuses to disclose, she avoids at all costs). She is soft-spoken and prefers quieter areas as opposed to the noise and bustle of the heart of Ga-Koro. Although she has been referred to as an "unlikeable loner" in the past, Riversong really is just trying to come to terms with some of her own feelings. She's begun to have strange dreams at night, dreams of people that she either doesn't know or doesn't remember. That, coupled with the impending threat of the Makuta, has driven her to distraction. Physically, Riversong often appears to be vulnerable when, in fact, she is actually quite skilled in self-defense, utlilizing a long-bladed dagger as her primary weapon. Riversong’s offensive skills are not as strong, as she makes a point of trying not to pick a fight. Others sometimes regard her as odd, but Riversong just simply doesn't care.

Looking for a change of pace, Riversong traveled to Ko-Koro, where she witnessed the destruction of a hospital as well as an attack made by several beings controlled by "Brain Slugs" (Parakuka). She and several other beings who were affected by the attack decided to form a group, intending to learn more about the Parakuka. For a time, the group was quite active and fought the slugs, but eventually their leader, Sucogu, decided that they needed to disband and disperse. Since then, Riversong has been living in Ko-Koro after reuniting with her wayward cousin, Janas.

That is, until Janas disappeared one day.  Despite every warning that Riversong had ever given him about wandering around by himself, he simply went out one day and never returned.  Unsure of what to do next, Riversong remained in Ko-Koro.

Appearance and Tools[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Riversong is of about averge height for a Toa.  She wears light blue and silver armor, and has a rather slim build.

Tools:[edit | edit source]

  • A long dagger with a blue crystal embedded in the center of the blade

Abilities and Traits[edit | edit source]

Riversong tends to isolate herself from others, and despite her slightly muted tone, has more or less irregular mood swings. Although she will, in most cases, carry on a conversation if spoken to directly, Riversong prefers to listen rather than speak. However, she is willing to help those that need it, sometimes even hanging around active battlefields to tend to the wounded, despite the fact that she's less proficient with her mask power than she'd like to be. Her time in Sucogu's now-disbanded Parakuka-fighting group has not only increased her fighting skills, but also has brought on feelings of guilt and stress that borders on paranoia. She is not quite the person that she used to be- and perhaps that is for the best.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Will be added later*
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