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Reordin Maru's bust, wearing Tauhaku


Toa of Ice; Ko-Matoran (formerly)




Advanced control over the element of ice, including manipulation, absorption and creation. Extremely powerful in his element's use, due to the essence-stone.

Reordin Maru is a former Lieutenant in the Ko-Kroo Sanctum Guard, and is currently the deputy leader of the Toa Maru.


Reordin used to be a Ko-Matoran and a member of the Sanctum Guard. He and a regiment of the guard participated in the ILF's hive attack, and he was one of the only ones who survived. His allies and fellow commander, Trakuda, all perished. While drowning his sorrows in alchohol, Takua visited the Ko-Matoran and told Reordin that his sins could be reconciled, and that he should wait for the Wanderer. Reordin met up with Stannis and the rest of the still forming group while in Ko-Koro. Reordin traveled with them, growing close toLeah and collecting Kopaka's essence stone. He transformed into a Toa, and then, along with the rest of his team, beat Rahkshi, Manas, Shadow Toa, and then attacked Makuta himself. Reordin resisted Makuta's temptations.

Reordin Maru, standing with Ice Axes


Reordin, drawn by Vezok's Friend 2014.