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Elemental Ice


Pirok the Va-Matoran

Pulse is an evil Toa, who plans to destroy all life on Mata Nui.



Before the RPG, Pulse nearly died on the cliffs in Ko-Wahi. His life was saved by The Shadow. Together they formed a plan, and Pulse helped to set up Proditor. However, The Shadow and Pulse had a disagreement. Pulse was a follower of Makuta, whereas The Shadow followed Mata-Nui.

Finding ProditorEdit

Pulse recently reappeared, having been seen by Proditor before he had been banished. He was at the Kini-Nui, and soon left, followed by a Le-Matoran named Mataiti.

He was trying to find Proditor, and while travelling through the jungle of Le-Wahi, he found Proditor and a number of other Toa fighting against Echelon and Vidar, and joined in the fight. When Echelon deactivated his Tryna, and Proditor almost died, Pulse used his Tryna to save him. After Echelon and Vidar escaped, Pirok began to show that he was suspicous of Pulse. Invisible, a Toa of Sonics suggested that they were being watched, and Pulse attempted to prove that they weren't, only to discover a Vortixx named 'The Shadow' watching them.

Proditor knocked The Shadow unconscious, and Pulse began suggesting that they prevent him from doing any more harm. However, Pirok noticed that Pulse had used The Shadow's name, even though he had not been told this.

Pulse was then forced by Merror to reveal the truth. Once he had explained, Merror took his Tryna.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

A mainly white Toa Mata, with teal arms and legs. His Kanohi, a Tryna, is white, and he has light blue eyes.

He carries an ice sword, similar to that of Kopaka.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

He has elemental power over Ice.

He tends to be cold and cynical, and dislikes noise and violence. However, he will join in a fight when forced to.


Friends and AlliesEdit



"I will rip apart the face of this Island; Towns and people and forests... It will all be destroyed. Every living being, all in one moment."