Po-Wahi is the Stone region on Mata Nui, and home of Po-Koro.

The dunes of Po-Wahi's Motara Desert


Po-Wahi is a large desert with many canyons, located in the north of Mata Nui. Much of its surface is covered in sand, blown into imposing dunes by the wind, with the occasional sandstone outcropping looming above. Oases are rare but not nonexistent. To the west, the terrain is rockier and streaked with canyons.

The climate is extremely arid. Even clouds are an uncommon sight, and rain seems to come once in a blue moon.

Notable LocationsEdit

Cities of Po-Wahi, 2014

Illustration showing the locations of each of Po-Wahi's three main settlements.

  • Po-Koro
  • Motara Desert: A desert covering the vast eastern portion of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.
  • Tiro Canyon: A large canyon in Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui, where Po-Koro is situated.
  • Leva Bay: A bay located off the northern coast of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui. Leva Bay is the location of a port for a boat that ferried Matoran between Po-Wahi and Ga-Koro. The dock consists of a spit of stone extending out into the water, and a Po-Matoran to keep an eye on the dock and provide information. The Matoran also run a souvenir stand, selling statues and other items to travelers.
  • The Po-Wahi Quarry: A large, canyon-enclosed area of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui; the Po-Matoran dug a quarry here. It is here that the they mine for stone to be used in their carvings. It also featured six large statues of the Toa Mata's Kanohi mounted on Matoran heads. These statues serve as doorways to the various sections of the quarry, unlocked by means of small keys emblazoned with the symbols of the Elements.
  • The Path of Prophecies: A road flanked by carvings, leading to the village of Po-Koro on the island of Mata Nui, created by the Po-Matoran Carver Hafu soon after the Matoran established the village of Po-Koro. On either side of the road, there are three statues of Matoran heads. At the road's end is the entrance to Po-Koro, which is carved into the mouth of a large Matoran head.
  • Blackrock Canyon: Fortress of the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an, mostly ruined.
  • Forsi and Ostia: Young settlements recently established by the Sentinels.

Local WildlifeEdit

  • Dikapi: Flightless birds used for riding
  • Fusa: Kangaroo-like beasts
  • Husi: Ostrich-like Rahi often used as tradign items
  • Kikanalo: Large beasts that roam around the plains
  • Mahi: Goatlike creatures
  • Makika: Giant frogs
  • Moa: Agressive bird-like creatures
  • Nui-Jaga: Huge, dangerous scorpions
  • Sand Tarakava: Large lizardlike beast that dwell beneath the sand
  • Spiny Stone Ape: Huge and powerful apes
  • Vako: Rhino-like creatures