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Akiri, inventor


Nuju Metru

Nuparu is the Akiri of Onu-Koro and also its most proficient inventor. His inventions and the rapidly expanded Onu-Koro market are primarily what caused the Koro to become the island's technological center.


Before the events of the RPG, Nuparu was a distinguished Onu-Koran engineer responsible for the vast majority of the equipment the Onu-Matoran used for mining.

This largely remained unchanged during the events of the plot, up until Kyju's rise to power. Nuparu challenged his rule and methods, and to his surprise, Kyju accepted and put Nuparu in the council. He was absent when the rest of the council was murdered, and thanks both to Kyju's show of generosity and his murderous rampage, Nuparu became the most likely candidate for Akiri-hood after Onepu.

Unlike the other Akiri, Nuparu's elevation to Akiri-hood was not immediate. Onepu first acted as a temporary stand-in to fill the void from the Rahkshi threat up until a brief time after the Makuta's defeat. Nuparu took over after he stepped down, and currently still fills the position. He spends most of his time shut inside his hut, alternating between tinkering with his machines and Akiri duties, and has yet to make any public appearances since his elevation.


Nuparu is very smart and good at inventing new things and working with technology. He takes great pride in his work and as such prefers to do his own work rather than leave it to assistants as his current post could easily afford him.

He's very good at maintaining his composure in strenuous situations, and can make an excellent liar when the situation calls for it. He's also much better with words and politics than those who had known him before Kyju's rise to power would expect.

Appearance, Weapons and PowersEdit

Nuparu Tohunga

Nuparu in Onu-Wahi.


Nuparu is on the small side for an Onu-Matoran, given his greater affinity for using his mind. Still, his working with heavy objects keeps him moderately fit. His natural armor shows less wear than most others' due to his little time spent mining in the past, but still has a number or notable gashes from mishaps in the lab.


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