NEX is a psychopathic group of killers-for-hire founded and formerly led by Turaga Nex.



Raid Assassins


Chaotic Evil


Nex (Formerly), Raxa


Nex, Knife, Edge, Venen, Hatann, Zadron, Fiva, Aurix, Skraatuth, Delak, Minho, Raxa






The known history of NEX is rather short, if it was going on for a long time, it is uncertain. But what is known is that it has appeared recently on the island, and bodies of dead beings are being found with a NEX tablet on, or near the body.

It is believed to have been created by a mysterious being who calls himself Nex. As of now, it is currently uncertain as to the plans of NEX, and what its intentions for the island may be.

Murderers and assassins have been welcomed into the unknown organization called NEX, and some have even been intentionally asked, though the reasoning is uncertain, as those who were asked range from untrained killers, to professional assassins.


There are eleven known members of NEX, though the number seems to be growing over time.

  • Nex (supposedly deceased, out of play)
  • Raxa (former second in command, now the leader, sniper)
  • Knife
  • Edge
  • Venen
  • Hatann
  • Zadron
  • Fiva (Unknowningly)
  • Aurix (Unknowingly)
  • Skraatuth
  • Delak
  • Minho


The being called Nex has offered rewards to those who join NEX, ranging from widgets, to power, to a safe location to lay low when investigations seem to be getting too dangerous.

NEX is made up of a rather violent, and heartless beings, and they are often sent apart on solo (Except Knife and Edge) missions, to keep them from interacting negatively.




"I have a plan... one that involves a few deaths. Quite a few. And I have been seeking the island's best. And you two were near the top of the list. I came here to offer the two of you... a job. You continue what you are doing, killing others. And in exchange, you will be... rewarded. Widgets, weapons, information, a secure location to escape meddling island security forces..." - Nex