The Mystix are a species of sapient bat-like beings that are intent on taking over Mata Nui. Those of which are present on the island were sealed in a cave in Onu-Koro for attempting to do this.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Mystix are About the same height as a Toa, with weblike feet, wings instead of hands, and vicious, Vahki-like heads.They have very little armour, except on their Torso area (the armour there is similar to Vezon's armour, set-wise), which is completely covered in metallic armour. They are generally dark in colour, and live underground. Therefore, they prefer to stay in the dark, such as caves, and tunnels.


They are somewhat bat-like. They cannot use Kanohi, because of their strange head structure; However, they all have powers similar to that of the Kanohi Arthron, being able to use ultrasonic to sense what's in front of them when in complete darkness, or to sense things in the distance. They are almost silent when when walking. They have elemental powers, and have about the same level of control over them as a Toa, and also limited flight, due to their wings.


They all have metallic armour, the colour of which is not specific to their element. It comes in shades of silver, gold and/or Makuta-grey.

They are always dark colours, the colours of which aren't always element specific. However, they generally have the same colour-scheme as Toa in relation to their elements.


The Mystix want to have complete control of wherever they happen to inhabit, and believe that they have a right to this control. They believe that all 'lesser' species should serve them, and their 'emperor', Ignotus.

It is their belief that traitors should have all armour on the front of their bodies removed, as the Mystix believe that the traitor who stabbed another in the back should be forced to see Death coming, and acknowledge its presence.

Notable IndividualsEdit

  • Ignotus
  • Agira
  • Aclaraung-A Mutant Mystix, possibly believed among others to be a newer subspecies. He has scales, like a dragons, along with more clawed feet, a Tahtorak-esque head, and appears to be growing a tail. He also eats metal because it's good for his metal scale.
  • Aru - She betrayed the Mystix and caused their sealing.
  • Zarnarax - He killed his brother, Ignotus, in order to take control of the Mystix, beginning a policy of non-violence, despite the fact that he finds no problem in assassinating the remnants of Ignotus' era.
  • Norathed - Another Mutant Mystic, part of the draconic subspecies that Aclaraung is apart of.


  • The Mystix are based off of bats.
  • Except for the Dragons named Aclaraung and Norathed.