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  • Hi Kuhgz, the idea of the timelines is to help especially new players in getting the necessary background information in a digestible form with references to important posts and such. Although in practise the events added will mostly be related to the staff plot, I don't want to restrict it to that, since not all important and major is part of the staff's plan. I think naming the timelines "staff plot timeline" instead of just "timeline" restricts their potential and function and discourages others from editing and adding events to it, which works against the purpose. So I would appreciate it if we could rename the timelines back to the way they were. :)

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    • Okay awesome.  How should we re-order and shift things around? Let's decide on the best system, no compromises.  We've been working with some clunky stuff.  If you (Tapio) have figured out a smarter way let's do it.  Ghosty?

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    • Well, for me I prefer the current system, but I'm open for discussion and new ideas of course.

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