Matoro, Akiri of Ko-Koro
MNOLG Matoran Matoro




Ice (Innate)

Kanohi Mask:

Sand blue Akaku (powerless)




Bamboo disk


Akiri, translator (formerly)





Matoro was the Akiri of Ko-Koro until he was assassinated and replaced by Ambages.

Timeline Edit

Arc 1Edit

  • Matoro is present during the meeting between Stannis' Wanderers and Turaga Nuju and sees Nuju pulled into the fissure by Makuta.
  • Matoro speaks at Nuju's funeral.

Arc 2Edit

  • Matoro is elected Akiri by the villagers of Ko-Koro.
  • During a grand ceremony, he appoints Ambages as his Hand, Jaa as his scribe, and gives Reordin Maru back the titles of Sanctum Guard and Toa-Protector.
  • Matoro makes a deal with Hewkii to use radio relay technology in Ko-Wahi, purchases Ice-Tarakava vehicles from Nuparu, and works to make his village and Wahi the beacon of civilization on Mata Nui.
  • Matoro is brutally assassinated by an un-named De-Matoran while having a conversation with Jaa on a balcony of the Citadel.[1]


Arc 1Edit

For as long as anyone could remember, Matoro had been Turaga Nuju's translator. He stood by his side and was present even in the most confidential meetings. When Stannis ans his Wanderers arrived to ask for translation of the clues for the Second Prophecy, Matoro was by Nuju's side and translated his words. To his horror, he witnessed Nuju being pulled down into darkness by Makuta.

Later, Nuju was returned to Ko-Koro but was assassinated. Matoro spoke at the Turaga's funeral, honoring the elder.

Arc 2Edit

Following Turaga Nuju's assassination, Matoro was appointed Akiri of Ko-Koro. Soon after, he appointed Ambages as Hand of the Akiri and High Vizier. 

Later, after the Akiri peace summit, he was assassinated by an unknown De-Matoran.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Matoro illu

Matoro in Ko-Wahi.

Matoro was quiet and reserved, but dedicated to his duty. He had a low, booming voice and was a good storyteller.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Turaga Nuju: His mentor
  • Jaa: the royal scribe
  • Ambages: vizier, and Hand to the Akiri
  • Captain Korzaa: leader of the Sanctum Guard
  • Sanctum Guard: Ko-Wahi's military
  • Akiri Jaller: leader of Ta-Wahi
  • Akiri Nuparu: leader of Onu-Wahi
  • Akiri Hewkii: Leader of Po-Wahi
  • Akiri Hahli: leader of Ga-Wahi
  • Akiri Kongu: leader of Le-Wahi
  • Ahka Tamara: leader of the small village Ihu-Koro


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