"The Magical Spear is said to contain the power of Mata Nui himself... its wielder will become invincible"

The Magical Spear is a mighty tool of unknown origin, brought to the island of Mata Nui by Lohkare and fought over by Voi and Voima.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the origin of the spear. It was discovered by someone on a far-away world and ended up in the hands of Toa Lohkare. Lohkare brought the spear with him on Mata Nui, where Voi and Voima grew interested in its power. The two Toa managed to steal it from Lohkare and fought over it, accidentally snapping it in two. Lohkare stole the pieces back and hid them.

Voi, at some point, discovered the other end of the spear and started using it as a powerless tool. He sought the other end, just like Voima did. Eventually they found the other end with the help of allies. It was Voi who ultimately managed to connect the two pieces of the spear and activate its power. This allowed Voi to break free from Mata Nui's curse and recover his form of an Evil Being. Although seemingly invincible with the spear, Voi was defeated thanks to many Toa and Matoran, who succeeded in breaking the spear in two again and killing Voi.

The two parts of the spear fell somewhere on Mata Nui and still exist, waiting for those who might find them and use their power.

Powers[edit | edit source]

The spear has capabilities of its own, like feeding its owner great energy and boosting up abilities. In addition to that the spear can launch spheres that rob the powers of its target and feed them back to the owner. The spear can absorb both elemental and Kanohi powers.

While in two pieces, the ends of the spear are powerless, but they can be connected together in order to fix the spear.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Magical Spear first appeared in the game Invisible Legend, created by HT Productions. In the game the spear was used by a malicious Matoran to enslave a population and reign with terror. Later, the spear becomes an item possible to equip.
  • The use of this spear in the BZPRPG was completely unapproved and the entire quest to find the spear resulted in several violations of the BZPRPG rules. None of these violations were spotted by staff members, which is why the quest was allowed to proceed to its conclusion without interference. Among the many rules that were broken were auto-hitting, god-modding, vastly overpowered weaponry and an unapproved species (the Evil Beings).
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