Kohra is a vortixx terrorist for The Makuta.



Vortixx, female.


Chaotic Evil.


Feathered glove (2012 Arc), Makuta's Whispers.


Sharp mind and alluring figure, telekinetic and air-slashing attacks from glove (2012 arc).


Terrorist and saboteur.


The Legacy.


Vezok's Friend.

Kohra by ferain-d4vtahq

Kohra as a servant of The Makuta. Art by Vezok's Friend.


  • Awoke in a cavern in Ko-Wahi.  A strange feathered glove covered her left arm, and the whispers of a dark voice lingered in her mind.  Kohra had become an amnesiac.
  • Following the whisper's direction, who had identified itself as The Makuta, Kohra poisoned the water in Po-Wahi.  
  • In search of the explosives for her next act of terrorism, Kohra followed the whispers to Le-Wahi.  There she met the ex-fireworks maker Draeverian Joskiir.  
  • Draeverian provided the materials under force and accompanied her to Onu-Wahi.  He was unable to stop Kohra's scheme and the terrorist bombed the Great Mine of Onu-Koro.  Afterward she left for Ko-Koro to lay low.  
  • While in Ko-Koro Kohra plotted her next attack, weakening the integrity of the glaciers above the village.  
  • On the eve of her plan in Ko, Kohra was discovered by Draeverian and two companions: onu-toa Mariko of the Aitua, and de-toa Atvin.  Using Draeverian's anger the terrorist pushed her sabotage forward, his rash elemental attack unwittingly facturing the weakened glacier and destroying a small portion of Ko-Koro.  

2013 ArcEdit

  • Kohra broke out of prison after injecting herself with antidermis, regaining her lost powers and abilities.  

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Kohra was a seductive vortixx, with a lethal coo to her voice.  She wore dark blue armor over her black body and hate purple eyes.

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