Hewkii, Akiri of Po-Koro
MNOLG Matoran Hewkii




Stone (Innate)

Kanohi Mask:

Kakama (powerless)


Lawful Good, Po-Koro


Bamboo disk, sansibar sword, repeating crossbow, kohlii stick, his fists.


Akiri of Po-Wahi, athlete (formerly)




Lloyd: The White Wolf, Kughii (temporary sub).

Hewkii is the Akiri of Po-Koro.


Hewkii, Kohlii

Hewkii, back in his kohlii champion days.

Arc 1Edit

  • Hewkii is a sculptor and Kohlii champion during the War of Makuta.

Arc 2Edit

  • Chapter 1
    • Following Turaga Onewa's assassination, Hewkii is appointed Akiri of Po-Koro. Unsure of how to best lead his people, Hewkii's leadership is tentative at first, although his focus quickly becomes Wahi security.
    • During the Technology Exposition, Hewkii hires Farzan to work with Lenat in the Technology Division of the Sentinels, and speaks with the inventor Stralix


Hewkii is very athletic and has a good sense of humor, although he has become more serious as of late.  He has a calm demeanor and is well known for his "game face" when confronted with obstructions.  Like rock, Hewkii can weather anything until the emotions erode his conviction.

He is a caring leader, wanting the best for each and every subject.  Hewkii is known to have made sacrifices in order to protect a small portion of the populace.  He’s a well loved ruler but his position makes the Kohlii star feel isolated from those he leads.  The Akiri of Po-Koro pursues revenge only when it is justifiable and works within the greater scheme of things.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Hewkii 2013 Character pencil Sketches

Pencil Study of Akiri Hewkii by Kughii, 2014.

A Kohlii star and champion of several seasons (before the appearance of the unbeatable Joske Nimil), Hewkii's body screams professional athlete.  He is tan and brown, with strong legs and upper body. His eyes are blue, and he wears an inactive kanohi kakama, mask of speed.  Being a kohlii competitor, and a forward in the game, his body has been conditioned for fast bursts of speed, overall endurance, and momentary displays of herculean strength.  

Hewkii was playing kohlii before he could walk, says a joking rumor in the sports circuit.  His favorite tool, unsurprisingly, is the kohlii stick.  His personal kohlii stick is a forward long-staff, wrapped along the handle with intricately woven strips of tanned mahi leather.   When in battle, however, the akiri of Po-Koro wields a larger weapon somewhere between a mace and a long-sword and carries an ornately decorated sansibar sword on his left hip.  Both weapons are edged with precious rena ore from Ihu-Koro.  Hewkii is not a skilled swordsman, but he is learning the art of the blade inbetween his duties as Akiri.  


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Other Akiri
  • Macku, now deceased
  • Hafu , now deceased
  • Turaga Onewa , now deceased
  • Pohatu Mata, Considered deceased
  • Stannis Maru, toa-guardian of Po-Wahi
  • Ishi Polzin, a so-called defender of Po-Koro's safety
  • Lenat , Captain of the Technology Division
  • Dehkaz , Captain of the Navy
  • Tera , Captain of the Central Guard
  • Korru , Captain of the Kikanalo Riders


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