Fulmen the Vo-Matoran (Version 1)






Powerless Great Kakama (Mask of Speed)




  • Battery Powered Torch
  • Pale blue backpack
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Spare Batteries


  • Resistance to electrical energy from being a Vo-Matoran





Fulmen is a Vo-Matoran who liked to invent gadgets prior to Makuta's first attack on the island of Mata Nui.


Prior to Makuta's attack on Mata Nui, he liked to invent gadgets that made his everyday life easier. When the island fell into darkness, Fulmen locked his belongings into a chest and buried it in a safe location, fearing for the loss of his belongings. With a torch, several batteries, food and a desire to avoid as much conflict as possible, he began travelling to each koro, in search of a safe place from the wild rahi and rahkshi on the loose. At some point on his journey, Fulmen bumped into a Nui-Jaga and got chased by it, resulting in him running into a bog snake nest. 

He visited Ta-Koro and spent a few days there, resting at the Lavapool Inn and buying supplies for his journey. The Vo-Matoran met Doseki after running in fear from his pet Nui-Jaga named Scorpio. The matoran of lightning found out he was a guard and asked him to escort him to Le-Koro. 

During the journey, he encountered a muaka and ran off in fear, straying from his intended path and ended up being separated from Scorpio. The Po-Matoran helped him climb up a tree and they rested for a while before being attacked by a female toa of fire named Vyarth Vena, also known as Pride. Initially, he cowered behind his friend, but he decided to be brave and took one of Doseki's climbing hooks, facing the toa of fire and said that they would refuse to travel with her. She left them alone and ran off, allowing them to continue their journey.  


Appearance: The sand blue and white matoran stands at 140cm tall. His feet, hands and kanohi are blue while his arms are white. His face is decorated with a powerless great kakama and his yellow eyes glow brightly. There is nothing unusual about him, aside from his pale blue backpack, containing his sleeping bag, pillow, batteries and food. 

Abilities and TraitsEdit

All Vo-matoran are friendly and Fulmen is no exception. However, he seems to be easily scared and cares for his own safety, often avoiding oceans and snow, claiming his joints will rust.


Friends and AlliesEdit


  • Most Rahi (Nui-Jaga and Muakas in particular)


  • Fulmen was originally supposed to wear a Komau, but GM Nuju Metru forced Liuth to change his kanohi to a Kakama.
  • The idea of Fulmen being an inventor came from Liuth's headcanon that all Vo-Matoran would have jobs involving technology or power such as electricians.
  • The english translation of the Latin word "fulmen" means "bolt".
  • He has made an appearance in "Soran's Comics Emporium" as a guest star. He is portrayed as an extremely nervous matoran that jumps at the smallest things and carries a grappling gun.

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