Forsi is a port located on the south-eastern coast of Po-Wahi, north of Naho Bay.

Location DescriptionEdit

Forsi is built along the rough face of an ocean bluff.  A single large elevator, similar to those found in Le-Koro, tranports people and cargo from the wooden docks on the shore to the train station on top of the bluff. Existing primarily as a junction between Po-Koro and Ga-Koro, there are few residential buildings: only ten private dwellings exist, built into the rock face, and each with their own winch-powered elevators. There is also a single inn located next to the docks, which are always full of ships coming and going.

A lighthouse equipped with a radio relay can be found on a spit of rock farther along the coast. The entire town is operated by Sentinels, although private dwellings are available should merchants wish to make a home between the desert and the ocean.


  • Forsi was established by Akiri Hewkii during the beginnings of the 2013 arc.