Clan Okrihnok is a clan of nomadic Taajar assassins and bodyguards.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Taajar clan of Okrihnok is based in the far west of Odaiba and lead by their Jahagir, Naihi.

The clan is small but elite, training all it's members with a variety of weapons from a young age in the arts of combat and stealth. The clan is secretive and reserved, seeming mysterious to outsiders. 

​The warriors of the clan specialize in hit-and-run tactics and assassination. Compared to most of Taajar and Dasaka society, the clan is less segregated and more fair to those from different castes, a fact which has lead it to be ostracized by others. However, the clan strongly honours tradition, believing that the only way forward is to learn from the past.

​The small clan, although not openly, is against the Empress' rule, believing that she is a blight to the Taajar people and that the nomads' lands should not be included in the Empire. In a way, they are quite patriotic...

The clan used to merely hunt their food and their enemies alike using their highly trained warriors. In recent times, however, they have been forced to resort to, much to their dismay, working as bodyguards to high ranking imperials.

While they hate doing this, their warriors are incredibly well trained, and in high demand by the empire. It is even said that some guards are sent to the clan to be trained, which they pay highly for. We also suspect that they are sometimes used as political assassins.

The whereabouts of the clan at any given time is elusive at best. They only stay in one location for a week at the most and their temporary "villages" can be destroyed, taken down and rebuilt in less than an hour or two.

It is said that the clan also has a more permanent base of operations in a cave complex in the west of Obaida, but that is purely speculation...

The history of the clan is shrouded in mystery, due to the covert nature of their work. However, it is suspected that a few of the assassinations of past Roras were at their hands. They were one of the last Taajar clans to be accepted into the Empire, and fought fiercly against them. 

The colours of the Okrihnok are bluish grey (about the same shade as Matoro's Akaku) , with purple as a secondary colour.

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