Factions are groups of individuals banding together for a single cause or agenda, often from separate backgrounds and ways of life.  All factions fall into a specific alignment, although the unique individual may vary from their faction's alignment.   


These factions are the law abiding citizens (or the law-enforcers themselves) that reside in normally safe places with heavy military law enforcement. They are welcomed and not given much of a second glance.


These Factions often contain those that don't really fit into ether the Lawful or Outlaw factions as members can swing ether way depending on personal preferance.


These factions, also known as Chaotic, are those that operate outside of the law used by the Koro and are not welcome within their limits. They may find themselves hunted down by the Military that mainly operates in that region should they draw attention to themselves. Provided they can mantain secrecy, they can still operate within a Koro but will be ousted by the Law Enforcement if found out.

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