Aurix, Carver




Fire (innate)

Kanohi Mask:

Huna (powerless)








Alive, inactive



Aurix is a Ta-Matoran carver.


Arc 1Edit

Aurix was just an average Ta-Matoran, who made his living carving wood and doing some metalwork. However, he was swept out to sea in a storm one day, bound for Ga-Koro in a small boat, with only enough rations to take him to Ga-Koro. His boat washed up by Ta-Koro nearly a week later, with Aurix inside and nearly dead. He was found and nursed back to health, but has been insane ever since. He isn’t totally insane, and poses no real threat to anyone, so he’s been allowed to travel as he pleases. One of his driving purposes is finding someone who can also hear the Voices, and finding where the Voices come from.

Aurix sells his carvings for a living. Most of the carvings he sells are regular carvings: Untiy, Duty, Destiny, the Great Spirit, an outline of the island, etc. Some are in strange shapes and symbols. The carvings he keeps are usually put on a necklace that he rarely takes off.

Aurix is almost always in a good mood, and is constantly smiling. He usually speaks his mind, and sometimes doesn’t realize when he’s in danger. Aurix usually has to gather his thoughts for a few seconds before answering questions.

Aurix bumped into Vrana, Navayak, and Cadias, after travelling to Ga-Koro. He left them in Ta-Koro, joining up with Fiva in order to stop the 'Star King' from taking over.

Fiva and Aurix have since travelled to Onu-Wahi, still searching for the Star King.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Average-sized Matoran. Aurix has red armor and orange skin. His mask is a powerless Huna.

A wooden staff, roughly Aurix’s height. It is carved with patterns and symbols that apparently have some meaning to him. He also has a collection of tools used for carving, mainly some small, sharp knives that he keeps in a backpack.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Carving and some experience in metalworking.

Simply, he’s crazy. A nutcase. However, he’s still fairly intelligent and has moments when he is less crazy and even arguably sane. Aurix hears voices and converses with them every now and then. Aurix is constantly happy and smiling.


Friends and AlliesEdit